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Coral Atlas - the cause of nature

Coral Atlas was an identity born on Second Life and in real life I am Carl Leitz

However I, Carl decided to extend my Second Life identity to encompass everything I do in real life. Thus Coral Atlas became both my alias and my internet brand name as well as my pen name as a writer, an artist or as a proponent for massive planet wide societal change and insurrection aka change for the better.

I, Coral Atlas identify myself personally with the causes of preserving, repairing, restoring and embellishing upon nature by emphasizing environment conservation ecology education science technology and related subjects and causes where ever my presence is felt which presently is mostly on the internet ..

By simply reminding everyone I come into contact with that nature is the sole and primary source of all life and represents the solution to all that ails humankind.

The conflict that humans have yet to resolve is that between NEED and WANT.

Nature provides ALL that is needed to live and be happy yet humans dispute over who gets what and selfishly how much they get as individuals. This is worsened by the addition of WANT for unneeded items to what is needed to live causing humans to effectively indirectly and directly destroy one another as individuals and as groups aka religious, national, political, gender, age, race and societies.

Profit totally and destructively represents WANT which is promoted by the false science of economics. There is absolutely no justification for the economic inequality that capitalism and capitalists thrive upon. We Americans and many of our allies have all totally and without deliberation embraced the ideas of capitalism, in large part involuntarily and unknowingly by the coercion of a corporate society constructed, influenced and controlled (the media) by capitalism and the conventional wisdom that is used to manipulate the public opinion of the mass of humans.

The "message" the mass of humans are fed constantly is created and controlled by those very few who have in most cases been mistakenly empowered by 7+ billion humans as the representatives of human society. In truth those who represent humanity are empowered by the power & wealth of influence peddlers who manipulate the majority of peeps with massive amounts of media aka capitalist aka corporate propaganda.

Wars and pollution and the destruction of nature are the ultimate and most damaging acts that we human beings aka peeps routinely are encouraged by the capitalists to engage in ..... yet despite being confused by the media propaganda most of us human beings ultimately disagree with such acts as war and pollution and economic inequality.

Capitalism would have us (all humans) believe that equality (nature) is evil and that human beings need to be motivated by need to work (for others via jobs). In fact human beings are motivated by life itself to work. Without effort AKA WORK there is no life; no food to eat or water to drink nor shelter or clothing to protect humans against changes in climate.

JOBS are a form of SLAVERY creates by the want for profit that perpetuates inequality, injustice and financial slavery. Without want, consumption and waste capitalism cannot exist and profits cannot be made.

It's impossible to find anything on our planet earth that sustains life that is not related to and wholly dependent upon nature!

We humans first and foremost are disregarding nature yet are the most vulnerable to the adverse effects that we are wholly responsible for that diminish natures innate ability to sustain life.

Thanks to the propaganda of the very institutions we've created most of 7 billion human beings are unaware and have false perceptions of what is normal, right or wrong.

Nature is all about life. And we humans are part of all living creatures.

When nothing lives there is no nature.

OR no nature, no life.

Therefor we humans must know nature. We humans must protect, preserve and restore nature.

Support me ( and yourself as a human being) which includes approximately 140 domain names / websites by donating to my efforts.

If you wish to contribute financial help and/or add your personal efforts to my own efforts please write me personally at coralatlas@freefish.com and introduce yourself so we may know and understand one another. There is much to be done and in order to succeed we must create the largest most powerful group of unified human beings on the planet earth. That begins one human being at a time. I would like to be among the first to establish this group. My initial goal is 1,000 human beings in 100 days.

The world can and will ultimately be changed by individuals who agree with each other on the solution embedded in NATURE. AND take action to evoke meaningful and rapid change for the better.

Nature requires nothing more than our effort aka WORK as human beings for ALL life on the planet to thrive and to provide all that is needed to insure health happiness and freedom for all life from physical harm and mental strife.

Join me in this effort to eradicate such travesties as war, hunger, disease, famine, draught, pestilence, inequality, slavery, injustice and more ...

Nature is the simple and only solution. It is OUR cause as human beings.

Coral Atlas aka Carl Leitz aka Coralights aka @coralatlas aka #coralatlas

How to develop a passive income posting ads on the internet

The cost of a domain name is as little as nothing if you make some commitments to certain Internet Service providers. Once you've registered a name, even for little or nothing, you've unknowingly begun a financial journey that inevitably leads to spending more money or abandoning the name.

However the best domain names are already registered as a result of the dot com boom. Occasionally you can pick up a premium name that falls thru the cracks and is inadvertently dropped by someone who has lost interest or doesn't understand the potential of a name.

Here are a few guides I use personally for understanding the potential of a domain name.

Domain names that are ten characters or less have relatively more potential for appreciation than longer names. Shorter is better than longer. Short meaningful names are more easily remembered.

Domain names that have intrinsic meaning to a broad audience have greater potential for branding and for generating cash flow.

Commonly known & used keywords as components(syllables) of domain names add potential value.

MyPublisher, Inc. The top level domain extension .COM is the most widely used and preferable to many of the recent deluge of vanity extensions. Physicians.com is better than physicians.physicians or physicians.doctor or .MD or whatever.

Thru use the .COM TLD (top level domain) brand has had hundreds of billions of dollars invested in it's perpetuation. When you have a domain name that is meaningless to peeps at large ... you have to invest much more capital in creating & developing the brand. Developing a list of prospects or customers and then getting them to visit JoeBlow.md is not as easy and natural as DrBlow.com or DrJoeBlow.com. The .MD TLD requires marketing which costs money and is not as familiar as .COM. Billions has been invested in the .COM brand already by hundreds of millions of domain name owners aka registrants.

This brief introduction to domain names is designed to convince you that investing in a premium .COM TLD name can generate revenues much faster and in greater amounts than the new vanity TLD's given intelligent business planning and a viable product or service to brand, market and sell.

Premium .COM names have popular broadly recognized keywords ... ideally no more than one, two or three keywords as syllables in the name.

Thus for example Aquarium.com is theoretically better than the plural Aquariums.com which is better than Aquariumfish.com.

All three of these names have branding potential however. Here is a list of appraisals of four (4) related names. These values cannot be taken too seriously but are useful as a benchmark of their relative value.


Above listed in the drop down menu at the top of the page are some premium names I am offering for rental lease or purchase - what their potential value could be depends wholly on the owners (or renters) intellectual and financial ability to brand them!

Observe that the relationship between pay per click values and the appraisals are inconsistent - as well as the SERP (search engine results pages). Most of the following names I am offering have attracted over 10 advertisers which is a healthy indicator ... the demand for a keyword(s) increases the cost per click bids made by advertisers. A portion of the cost per click paid by advertisers becomes the EPC or earnings per click for publishers aka website owners. domain appraisals

Taking into consideration that very little SEO (search engine optimization) has been implemented for these names and the associated sites are still organic (organic means that visitor traffic flows to the domain site naturally) their potential future cash flow value becomes apparent.

See the drop down menu bar (top of this page) for lists of my available premium domain names with websites.

Good luck! To inquire email coralatlas at freefish dot com

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